About Us



Spruce Engineering Co. is honoured to represent a number of world class manufacturers in India bringing you the best quality products & equipments possible. each of these companies is known for being technological leaders in their corresponding markets. spruce engineering co. collaborates with them to provide all sales, marketing and service proficiency on behalf of our manufacturers.

We are humbled to introduce ourselves as one of the leading EPC organizations in the country having our offices located at Hyderabad, Varanasi, Delhi and Kolkata, also extending to Singapore, London and Dubai. All these stations consists of a dedicated team of experienced engineers who are experts in procurement & sourcing.

Our Location

Spruce Engineering Co. undertakes various turnkey projects & services related to various specialties, to name a few, they are listed as follows:

Electrical Installation & Maintenance

  • Mobical Pt
  • Film Digitizer
  • Ion Chromatography
  • Kinematic Viscosity Bath
  • Coating Thickness Gauge.
  • Dynamometer

Safety and Security Systems

  • Portable Contamination Equipment
  • Ozone Gas Detector
  • Life Jacket
  • Wet Suits
  • Va Detector
  • Environmental Protection Equipments
  • Pollution Monitoring Equipments

Equipment Supplies

  • Deck Cleaner
  • Gps
  • Digital Barometer
  • Salt Spray Apparatus
  • Clamp Meter
  • Cyber Scan

Our Vision

SPRUCE ENGINEERING CO. excels in providing quality engineering solutions
by top performance of manpower, assets and investments to achieve
customer satisfaction.


Spruce Engineering Company aims at providing environmental protection, pollution monitoring and calibration services along with Traceable Calibration Certificates for wide range of Instruments.We offer services through specialized instruments and equipment’s and also provide them on rental basis.

A company where quality and customer service is our utmost priority